Thursday, February 21, 2008

I didn't hear about that...

These are words that I often find myself uttering these days. Other than listening to news radio on my way to and from work, I have little other time to stay updated on current events. Well, sure - I could spend the half hour of time that I have after the kids go to sleep, I get ready for the next day, attend to paperwork, etc. watching CNN. But this is my only down time.

This topic always hits home when I am meetings with my male counterparts. They regularly chat about the books they are reading and the movies that they have seen recently. And, in my head I'm thinking, "I'm lucky that I'm wearing clean clothes today and that I can keep my calendar straight." Reading and watching movies are activities that I mainly said goodbye to when I became a working parent.

So, I try to listen to books on CD in the car. And, I forgive myself that I am not completely up on the current selection of great business books and all current events. Instead, I subscribe to newsletters so that I can get quick bits of information. I try to check out Google news when I can. And I have stopped trying to pretend that I know everything that everyone is talking about.


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hnick said...

Oh, Renay, I totally hear you! I went to Barnes and Noble right before vacation and had a quick fantasy that I would grab a book and actually complete it in a weeks time. I quickly work up and just grabbed a magazine....which is still sitting unopened and vacation ends today.

Books on tape are a great idea, especiallly if you have a long commute. I downloaded podcasts to my iPod and would listen to those to keep abreast of what it going on.

I was giving a book for X-Mas from my company and I've read the 1st chapter 3, I'd love to finish that thing so that I can thank my CEO...I'm too embarrased to say anything because I just can't find the energy to get thru it!