Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bring on the Circus!

I'm typing while my 7-year old is playing his new Nintendo DS, a gaming system that "Santa" reluctantly brought him this year...not sure that we needed yet another electronic gaming device. And my daughter is asking me what the plan is for the day.

I love being home with them and taking a break from my working life. It gives us the opportunity to just have fun. BUT, I have learned over time that my 7-year old is incapable of spending time on his own for more than 5 minutes. And I'm not exaggerating. He must be entertained at all times or else the whining and complaining begin. So I find myself trying to plan for every moment of the day. And that's even after Santa came and brought the 800 new toys that are currently all over my house. But to him, there's nothing to do.

I have begun instituting some quiet time so that he must play on his own for a small part of the day. Usually, though, it ends up with yelling in order for him to actually carry through. What's interesting, though, is that my 4-year old has a much easier time playing on her own and often wants to. It's amazing how 2 kids can be so different.

So, I must go now and create my "plan for the day." Hopefully I can find a circus, a show, or some other spectacular to keep everyone happy...