Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Keeping Kids Busy in Winter

My husband and I had a conversation this past weekend about trying to keep kids active in the snowy New England winters. It's not easy, especially when the temps go down to 15 degrees, making outdoor play, skiing, etc. almost impossible. And if you choose not to spend $200+ to sign up for some kind of regular class, it's even harder. We have been through all of the indoor playgrounds, as well.

So, I was thinking how great it would be if there were some kind of "drop-in" arts n' crafts type of place with different stations for art projects. In an ideal world, parents could work on the craft with their child and there would also be a lounge with yummy treats, Starbuck's coffee and a huge window so that you could watch your children as they create their masterpieces. What a great business idea, huh? Over time, we could add a music lounge where children could practice on different instruments with the help of a music instructor.

Just an idea but something fun to think about. In the meantime, I will don my snow pants, sled and pray for 30 degrees.


Monday, January 12, 2009

The Promise of 2009

Happy New Year! Here we are in 2009 and I spent the latter part of 2008 thinking that once January hit, the job market might open up a bit. But I see no evidence of this and all news indicate that we are in for an even tougher first quarter of 2009 with many more layoffs to come.

So, I continue to look for that next great position. I am glad that I have at least managed to land some interviews but each time I was either too qualified or someone beat me to the punch. I am trying to see if maybe some consulting work might be the short-term answer.

It is somewhat strange to go from being the quintessential working mother (conference calls on my Blackberry while on my way to pick up the kids and trying to figure out what I could throw together for dinner) to being a Stay-at-Home Mom. It is wonderful and difficult all at the same time. I love spending more time with my kids and I feel really good about that. But I also miss that energy of a fast-paced office where I was constantly being challenged. The patient side of me says that there is plenty of time for that office buzz in the days to come. I know that this time at home with my young kids is something that I can never get back so I plan to enjoy it as much as possible.